Wednesday, 12th December 2012


Hotel:  Room is still available - tourists can book there in offer price

Thursday, 8th November 2012


It will announce the 20 strong teams from all over Europe to take part in European Futsal Masters in Stuttgart.

Tuesday, 6th November 2012



GSG Stuttgart we want to tell you important messages, we are on Thursday, 8 November announce who 20 teams participate in EFM - Tournament. In the short term, the teams have logged of GSC Aarau (CH), Rest-Gez (POL),  GSZ Graz (AUT), WSSB Brussels (BEL) , CDS Cadiz (ESP) and Olympia Belgrade (SER). We are working on it.


More info is on Thursday

Tuesday, 8th January 2013


Hamburger GSV waived participation in EFM because no approval from Deaf German Federation to relocate competitive game and have to catch up with listening League game on Friday, February 15, the 2013 th and them GSV Augsburg has jumped at the EFM.