Difference EFM - DCL

EFM & organizer. DCL Football TD Thomas Kraemer explained to you that the European Futsal Masters not to Deaf Futsal Masters Champions League one but their own courses from GSG Stuttgart. DCL-Committee have 'spoken last year's session that would establish DCL division Futsal. Then GSG Stuttgart has agreed that in Stuttgart the top European tournament will take place in Stuttgart to discuss the future of futsal.


ID player means that the players from each team in their own country must submit one player license number on the roster. The Players out on loan is not allowed. We want to make the future of futsal in order and clean. Fair!

Report of DCL-President

DCL-Präsident Juan Carlos Basilio präsentiert sich und erklärt, dass DCL an EFM unterstützt wird. DCL wurde im Jahr 2008 in London gegründet, im Reihenfolge bis jetzt wurde bisher 5 Veranstaltungen gegeben. Im April wurde 6.Deaf Champions League in London stattfindet. DCL-Committee´hat schon besprochen, dass DCL irgendwann DCL-Futsal gründen will.

Culture of Stuttgart

Travel Guide

EFM Info

We show you, what are the sights and celebrities in Stuttgart. In Stuttgart, the car industry is known. Mercedes-Benz and Porsche. In Stuttgart, a club playing in the 1st Bundesliga, 5 times German champions VfB Stuttgart eV 1893 There are many attractions in Stuttgart. Welcome to the Swabian metropolis!

The organizer team from GSG Stuttgart 1923 eV will lead the invited teams from airport to hotel, from the hotel to the gym, from the disco to the hotel. Only if the invited teams has booked from our hotel will offer to accompany us.

EFM Organizer Thomas Krämer explain you what means EFM. EFM means that the top teams were invited from all over Europe. It's about the future of deaf futsal. It explains also the prize money and number of participants. First prize 1200 euro / 20 teams. Whether we support the teams completely? Yes, to be conducted from the airport to hotel, from hotel to the sports hall and disco from the hotel. About hotel prices, per person per day with breakfast costs 45 Euros. We still do not know about bus transfer. It is still informed. The party will take place as well? Yes, there will be a great party. Any more questions please send to or webcam oovoo.

The information Specialists

Invited Teams

The email was sent by me, I hope you received it. Those who wish to register must pay 150 euros for the entry fee, up to 31.10.12. When finished paid, the form is on the roster (16'er squad). The roster of the Deaf Sports Association should properly belong from their own country. A player may only play for one club. Before the start of the tournament to only 12 players are on the list, four players were deleted before the tournament start. Before arriving to collect them all responsible for one Passport and organizer team on the hotel front desk to give, so it does not go wrong. Because of the German language! What items will still need to bring, also behaves. For example: pennants, 2 jerseys, player passes, etc. He also explains about Party. When EFM is on Friday between takes place before the tournament start a session. The draw will be held in the conference room of the hotel. Explains about the draw mode!

More than 61 teams will receive an invitation from us. By mail has been sent to all. Only 1 sports hall. Deadline to 31.10., After 31.10. determines which teams are in the process teams to 20. Because the seasons with 1 sports hall. Those who own land in the team won the championship, was nominated firm in the list. If another team does not nominated, then the manager still come to the EFM DCL to discuss future of futsal. To 20 teams, that's all we can. Sorry!

Explain for Tourists

First, we would like welcome to you Welcome. After November we can prepare you for the hotel. Our hotel is the most favorable offer for the tourists. With the party ticket, we will contact with the tourists well before e-mail and get. Have fun we want the tourists in Stuttgart, finally coming home after good home.

Registration Form

Schedule 16/20

The clock is ticking, soon comes the winter. Many are interested and committed than orally. The organizing team from Stuttgart would first have registration form, then confirmed via email. Anyone who has filled out, was published in website.

Statement on Schedule! 4 groups of 5 teams in a group. 2 continue to come and 3 are eliminated. Quarterfinals, semifinals and finals. 1 team will play 4 times to 7 times. When retiring, do not be sad. It's about the future of futsal. The nice memory to take home!